Sunday 18 July 2021 00:00

Clinton Mata: "I'm proud of Senne"

Clinton Mata played another great game. With a solid strike the defender scored the reassuring 3-1 lead early in the second half. He was voted Man of the Match after the game.

"One of my greatest assets is my joie de vivre. I'm always happy to be on the pitch, happy to play football. I can't see why I shouldn't be happy. Every match is like a final to me, I always give 100 percent. Today I'm proud of my team and especially Senne Lammens. It's nice to be voted Man of the Match after a game, but for me it's Senne. I'm really happy for him. If you're young like he his, it's a bit stressful to play your first official game. There's a lot going on before and during the game and some players just freeze. But he didn't, he played with lots of confidence, so I'm proud of him."

Clinton Mata had to sit out a couple of training sessions because of a small injury. "I missed three days or so during the preparation, but I feel fine now. If you see the fans in the stadium today, that's really motivating. We had to miss that for a long time, so it feels great to celebrate this Supercup with them today." (KN)

Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

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