Tuesday 23 June 2015 19:40

Cools: “An honour to wear this shirt”

Dion Cools passed his medical and signed a four-year deal

Tuesday afternoon. Dion Cools' transfer is a done deal. The 19-year-old signed a four-year contract after succesfully passing his medical at Club Brugge. "It's a a dream come true," the right full-back adds.

Shortly before noon Dion Cools, flanked by Claudemir, entered the medical room at AZ Sint-Jan where all players were subjected to a medical test for the start of the season. Without trepidation, decisively. Club Brugge's new and young right full-back shook hands with all the other players and the members of the staf like he's been there for years.

Dion Cools looked brisk and lively. The tests on the training field at Jan Breydel clearly didn't have any impact on him. He was ready for the second serie of tests. Fifteen minutes after arriving he started with the most intense test: the treadmill. Quite the start for a young new signing, but it shows that Cools is up for the task at Club. Ready to give all.

&quot;Today is not my first day at my new job,&quot; Dion said. &quot;It&#39;s more like the first day of a childhood dream that has come true. I&#39;m a passionate fan of Club since I was a young kid. I didn&#39;t miss a game if I could. Since a few weeks ago it was still a dream to wear this beautiful shirt once. Today&#39;s the day and for me it&#39;s a huge honour. Look at me, side by side with all these well-known and quality players. A few weeks and months ago so many people were watching Club&#39;s games with awe. And now I&#39;m one of them.&quot;</p>
&quot;I can&#39;t wait until it&#39;s Wednesday morning,&quot; Dion said confidently. &quot;That&#39;s the real first day for me. The moment I will see all of my teammates and the coaches for the first time. The first training will be quite something for me. I just know it will. Not everyone is a stranger to me. Like Obbi Oulare, I know him from the games with the national team. This is a good new step in my career. I want to learn a lot and my season will be a success if I can play a few minutes with the first team.&quot;</p>

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