David Okereke: “I hope to be back”

Just like on Sunday against Standard, David Okereke was on the right place against Zulte Waregem. The attacker hopes to be back.


“It is indeed going well the past couple of matches. I am slowly coming back (smiles). It was a nice goal. I started twice from kickoff now and scored twice. I hope to be back. Sometimes the most difficult chances end up in goals because your focus is better while you miss the easiest chances because you think things might go smooth. But that is the life of a striker I guess? It is normal confidence comes back when scoring. I hope to help the team as well in the next couple of games with my goals. You know a tough second half is waiting when you miss a lot of chances. That is why Zulte Waregem appeared on the pitch with the necessary confidence after halftime. Luckily, things ended up well and Diagne could also score in the final minutes. We are just happy with this victory." (MDK)

David Okereke
David Okereke

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