Friday 1 April 2022 23:30

De Ketelaere: "We could have scored more"

De Ketelaere gave his view on the victory.

“We had everything under control. They still created a few chances at the end and there were a couple of dangerous phases. That is a pity because we controlled the entire match." 

The Blues created a lot of chances. “We could have decided the match in the first half and could have scored more.", continued the attacker. 

“It was only 0-1 at halftime but we also told it to each other in the dressing room. We had to stay focused in order to score more. You never know how things end otherwise. For instance, they can score on a standard situation. Therefore, we kept on pushing in the second half."

The attackers combined well. "We did well. All in all we created a couple of big opportunities to score. It is a pity we only score three times. That is the only weak point tonight." 

“I also score today which makes me happy. I immediately knew it was not offside but the goalkeeper moved to the front which might have created a bit of confusion. Now we can have a look at the other teams.", decided the attacker before moving into the dressing room.

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