Sunday 27 February 2022 16:30

Denis Odoi: “We need to grow as a team"

Denis Odoi scored the equalizer for the Blues and brought Club back into the game. The Blues took the lead and won 4-1 at the end. Denis Odoi was rewarded for his strong performance.

“I have been elected as Man of the Match but I leave it in the middle whether that is effictively the case. There were a lot of good players today. We can be satisfied, especially with the response of the group after their goal. It was a stupid goal. We scored quickly then and continued. We already were the better team before and created a few chances. That is also a characteristic of a good team: being able to respond when having a setback."

Club  are now seven points behind leader Union. "I don't think about the ranking. We are not ranked first for the moment and it is important to win the Championship. We are growing as a team and have a new coach. He has to integrate a few new players in the middle of a season in an important phase. We played well-positioned today and it is difficult to disentangle us then. We need to put pressure like this and play and defend as a team."

Denis is feeling well in his central role in midfield. "I do my best for the team but there are things I can do better. There is a difference between Hans and me in midfield. There are good performances and there will be days when things are going worse. I stand on that position and play centrally when having the ball. I have to grow in that role."

Club could convince Denis Odoi to return to Belgium. "I have been away for quite a long time and have a history. I played where I played, it is what it is. I always do my best for any team. I was happy in England and played a lot of matches. Not a lot of teams could have convinced me but Club did. Also privately, it is a beautiful place to live in Belgium. I signed a contract for two years and a half, I don't have to think about the short-term. I could have been promoted to the Premier League with Fulham and have obtained a nice bonus. Letting that go away means I really wanted to come here." (KN)

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