Sunday 5 August 2018 23:15

Dion Cools: "Number of opportunities justify the win"

Coming on for Ivan Tomečak at half time, Dion Cools fired in the sole goal of the night just ten minutes later. The Belgian U21 was clearly pleased with that feat.

"It felt great to be playing again after a rough period. And to be scoring pleases me too, particulary if it brings us the three points. I try to bring it in every training session, and show I'm fit to play. I may come over as a bit offhand; when everyone says I have to perform better, I just neede to accept that and go for it. But in the end it's the coach who decides who plays. When I don't, I just have to keep working hard. My time has come today, so I tried to grab that chance with both hands.”

Dion Cools
Dion Cools

Cools also reflected on his goal. "I just went for goal as no one was available. When the goalkeeper deflects it into his own goal, so be it. I often get in that position at training, and you just have to fire away. Our first half was very difficult. We were unable to create many chances, just like Mouscron, really. In the second half, it was an even more intense game, as they were forced to come after our opener. It's a pity we couldn't score that second goal, but I reckon that we deserved to win this based on the number of chances we created." (MDK)

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