Thursday 13 May 2021 21:30

Eduard Sobol: “We need to be more agressive and efficient”

Eduard Sobol appeared to have picked up a severe knee injury in the first half, but the Ukrainian played on and did well defensively and offensively. The left full-back was voted Man of the Match at the end of the game.

"I give everything I have for the team each time I'm on the pitch. We wanted to bring the three points home today, but we had to settle for one. We keep going and we're now already focussed on the next match at home against Antwerp. Obviously we keep a close eye on the result of the other match in Play-Off 1, but we are merely focussed on our match. We'll need to prepare well to get the win. Today we were solid in the back, but we need to be more agressive and efficient in front of goal. We're working hard, I'm confident we will find our attacking prowness again."

Eduard Sobol
Eduard Sobol

For a moment it looked like Sobol had to be taken off with a knee injury. "It was painful at first, but I was given some pain medication and my knee was taped. It was alright in the second half. It did still hurt a little bit, but I don't think it's something severe."

CEO Vincent Mannaert talked to the players at the beginning of this week. "He motivated us for this match. He told us not to worry, that we have enough quality in the team to finish first. We need to keep calm and show our qualities on the pitch."

Sobol has a message for the fans. "I want to thank everyone for the support. We know you are behind us, even from home. We'll do everything we can to bring home the championship title." (KN)

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