Thursday 29 August 2019 00:30

Emmanuel Dennis: “Hat off to the entire team”

Fresh on the pitch, Emmanuel Dennis did away with all remaining doubt by tucking in Club's second in style. His goal helped Club to a 2-1 win over Linz and right in the draw of the Champions League group stages.

“I'm so happy", Dennis beamed. "We managed to go through. I take my hat off to the entire team for this effort. I felt a bit of pain before the game, so no risks were taken and I started on the bench. I was brought on in the dying minutes of the game, and managed to score. When I came on, the coach asked me to give everything and to do my thing. It didn't seem all that easy from the bench, but after Hans' opener things went more smoothly. It meant Linz needed two goals, which wouldn't be easy. After that spot kick, however, you felt stress creeping back in. Linz has a fine outfit, and they really kept going for it.”

Emmanuel Dennis
Emmanuel Dennis

Another year in the Champions League for Club Brugge, and the team hopes it can do better than last season. “It wasn't all that bad in the Champions League last season. This year, with a different coach, players and tactics, we'll see what happens. Everyone's crossing their fingers to get the likes of Real Madrid, I'm just hoping we get a big name. Those games call on a player to rise. I really like playing the better teams. We need to learn from the mistakes we made last season, and who knows we might get far.” (KN)

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