Emmanuel Dennis: "A confidence booster"

Man of the Match Emmanuel Dennis opened the score twenty minutes into the game, and added another in the second half, making it 4-0.


"A key game for us. We needed the win, as we dropped two points at Kortrijk. I conceded a blow to the thigh, and thought I would be forced to be taken off; it was quite painful. Fortunately I was kept on, and managed to score. Any doubts when I scored that first? I saw it was my goal, as the ball didn't touch anyone. Everyone was happy today: staff, coach and fans. It was a golden result against a fine team. We worked hard for this victory. This should be a confidence booster to help us continue working."

Emmanuel Dennis
Emmanuel Dennis

The winger proved he's back in full force after his injury. "I'm fully fit again. I work hard at training, sometimes two times a day. And I focus more on myh muscles. It's part of football, the injuries and tha pain. I keep working hard, and I'm relieved it's all turning out so fine. The coach is very important to me, I talk to him a lot. He told me to keep working hard and that my chance was bound to come. I'm on the right track now." (KN)

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