Tuesday 20 October 2020 22:15

Emmanuel Dennis: "Got that first vital win"

A deserved win for Club at Zenit. A scrimmage in front of goal was tucked to bed by Emmanuel Dennis, scoring the opener in the second half. After his two goals against Real Madrid last season, and his goal in the Europa League against Manchester United, the Nigerian forward again made his way to the score line in Europe.

“Of course I'm thrilled with my goal. But what's more important is that we claimed that 1-2 win in the opening game of the Champions League. We had come close on several occasions as Champions of Belgium, but now that vital win is a fact, and it feels great. It cost us quite a bit of energy, but when you win, you feel it a lot less.”

When reminded of his statement that he was going to score in the biggest football league on earth, Club' striker responded as follows: “Yeah, you all know I love a bit of tomfoolery, but nevertheless I'm stoked I was able to send it home after those two blocked attempts by Charles.” (FDC)

Emmanuel Dennis
Emmanuel Dennis

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