Tuesday 6 November 2018 23:00

Ethan Horvath: “Enormous boost by our fans”

An enormous save by Ethan Horvath made sure Club's clean sheet was unscathed early on in the game. The American goalie had much to say about Club's complete performance, and the role the fans played in today's feat.

“This has been a fantastic game for us, both in defense and in attack. When we manned the pitch, we noticed how the away stands were sold out, and most of the noise came from there. That's inspiring. I told the team that they would be making this a home game for us. We scored three goals early in the game. When the game grew tougher, the combination of the score so far and the vocal support by our fans helped us push through.”

Ethan Horvath
Ethan Horvath

Horvath has been manning goal three games on a spin now, and clearly enjoys his time in the limelight. “I'm happy to be back, but it's the coach who gets to decide. I just try to do my stinking best every day, and train as if I was playing every game. You have to be ready, and if you don't get to play, you just back the team with all you've got.” (KDM)

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