Tuesday 11 December 2018 23:45

Ethan Horvath: “Good defensive performance”

A good save of Ethan Horvath prevented Antoine Griezmann from scoring in the first half. The goalkeeper again kept his sheet clean.

“It is an awesome feeling to keep my sheet clean against both Dortmund and Atlético Madrid. We were already certain of our third place before the start of the match and played without any pressure. Our European adventure continues in the Europe League now. We enjoyed our last Champions league match. My save was important and we played a strong game in defence."


Ethan Horvath
Ethan Horvath

The goalkeeper realized his third clean sheet. "Three games and three clean sheets is something special. You cannot plan that. It is your goal before the game starts but a lot can happen in this sport. Our defence gains confidence in this way. My previous Champions League campaign with Molde FK and this campaign help me in order to grow further. I am satisfied with this result." KN)

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