Wednesday 14 September 2022 00:30

Ferran Jutglà: "Unbelievable game"

A goal and an assist for Ferran Jutglà, which unsurprisingly saw him elected as the game's MVP. To say he was happy with that small trophy would be economical with the truth.

“It turned out to be an unbelievable game indeed", Club's Spaniard started out. "What a game, what a result! I'm obviously happy we have won, but a great big kudos too for the many fans who have joined us on this trip. What great support once again. As a new player at Club Brugge, these are the games you dream of, especially when you get to score and deliver an assist. I was so convinced I would be hammering that penalty in, and Hans (Vanaken, edit) allowed me. It's a pity my parents couldn't be here today, but they did watch the game at home. Things aren't over just yet, but we keep taking steps forward, and that's what counts.”(FDC)

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