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From football club to media company: 'Club Brugge leads the way in Belgium'

'For many years marketing and PR were seen as a cost for football clubs. Thanks to the digital revolution they can become an asset', writes Belgian newspaper De Tijd. With daily video content, targeted data marketing and brand new media packages football clubs are challenging the classic media players. 'It is Club Brugge that leads the way in Belgium.'

More and more top football teams choose to produce their own content. AC Milan launched their very one Milan Media House last week, a brand new production house with 40 employees and 1.000 square feet of recording studios and offices. Bayer Munich gets its own serie on Amazon Prima and the Netflix serie 'Sunderland 'Til I Die' was a success.


Club Media House, unparalleled in Belgium

More and more Belgian football clubs are permeated by that trend, but no club is as profound as Club Brugge. With Club Media House, Club Brugge has its own team of video content creaters, copywriters, graphic designes and presenters. That results in a continuous stream of articles, TV show, clips, mini documentaries and even a radioshow on New Year's Eve. 'At the same time the production house works as an advertising agency for its sponsors. Next to the more classical billboards, LED boarding and VIP packages, they get their money's worth with online content', De Tijd writes.


Football clubs who are evolving into a strong media company has one reason: data. 'Companies are keen to know more about consumer preferences and fan profiles. They share that information easily with football clubs. More than any regular business, these clubs are 'love brands', the wet dream of all marketeers', says De Tijd.


Curious about Club Media House's digital activations? Learn more about it with our article about Winsol in the Club App.


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