Georges Leekens new Club Brugge T1

Georges Leekens will be replacing Christoph Daum as Club Brugge's head coach. Leekens signed a contract binding him for three years at this season's runner-up. He will be terminating his contract with the Belgian Federation immediately to gear up for the new season at Club. In his long career, Club has already joined Blauw-Zwart: as a player from 1972 to 1981, and as a coach from 1989 to 1991.


In appointing Georges Leekens as head coach, Club Brugge is opting for a Belgian top coach with broad international experience. Not only does he come with an unquestioned knowledge of Belgian and European football, but in his 28 years as a coach he has often showcased his skills as improving top players. Leekens is also renowned for his technical-tactical and psychological skills as a coach and as a a manager.</p>
To boot, Leekens, 63 next week, has a soft spot for Club Brugge. Back in 1972, he joined the team as a player, and under Ernst Happel he was part of the strongest Club Brugge outfit. Leekens won five titles as a player, and joined Club Brugge in two European finals.</p>
He has also lead Club to new successes as a coach, starting with the title in his first season (1989) and the Belgian Cup one year later.</p>
Since 2010, Georges Leekens was the Belgium national team coach, a function he will stop immediately in order to start working at the project at Club Brugge.<br />
<br />
Om 18 uur, na de wedstrijd tegen KV Kortrijk, stelt Club Brugge zijn nieuwe trainer voor in de grote perszaal van het Jan Breydelstadion (Zuidtribune).</p>

George Leekens

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