Sunday 15 May 2022 16:30

Hans Vanaken: “And now go for that fourth in a row”

Setting up Club for its eightteenth title, Hans Vanaken scored from the spot to put Club level with Antwerp. Club's legend in midfield was a happy man.

“Together with some other guys in our team, we now join a select group of players winning five titles with Club Brugge. We are really proud of this achievement. We've been having some great play-offs, so there's an enormous release of joy now. We were chasing them ever since October, but the way we went about it is just great. Kudos to the entire team, we never panicked. I didn't imagine us sealing the deal on MD5, however. I thought all six games would be important, but I'm happy we already sealed the deal now and that we don't have to wait for that final MD.” 

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

“Things weren't so bright at half-time, though. We weren't playing well, and we couldn't find the right players. In all honesty, Antwerp's enthusiasm set us aside. In the second half, that penalty kick soon followed, and just like against Union, it was a game changer, as they missed it against us a couple of games ago. All of those small things went our way in these play-offs, but sometimes you have to give luck a hand too.”

“Whether I always stand up when the big moments arrive? I just take up my responsibility. I do believe there are others in our team who are better at taking penalty kicks, but I take up my responsibility. I picked the right corner today, and I'm happy it turned out to be such a key moment in the game.”

Winning the league on your rival's turf is not something playing on Vanaken's mind: “It doesn't really matter where we wn it. Maybe it's a bit more fun to celebrate it at Jan Breydel in front of 30,000 fans. We can't go too hard here, but I hope our fans will be making their way to Jan Breydel now so we can celebrate in style."

“We weren't thinking too much about the fact that this would be our third in a row. Our focus was on the game. But now we can talk about it, and say that we have made our way to the history books with three titles in a row, but I'm very willing to make it four next season”, our skipper concluded. (BD)

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