Sunday 18 April 2021 21:00

Hans Vanaken: “Could have gone either way in the second half"

Hans Vanaken's second half goal put Club 2-1 in front, but it was only by the absolute end of the game that Blue and Black managed to create some distance. 4-2 was the score, giving Club a 16 point head start as the first part of the league is concluded.

“With Mouscron keeping half an eye on the monitors to see how their opponents were doing, they really played an all-or-nothing game at one point to make sure they won or at least grabbed a point. They even lined up an extra forward, started pumping those balls forward, and it just fell right twice. We had the same on two occasions too, with a corner kick ending up in the right feet. It was a peculiar second half. We were well in control in the first half, albeit with a bit too little pace to break open their defense. But in the second half it really could have gone either way; fortunately for us we came out on top.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Club now has an eight point gap on top of the league as it steams into the play-offs. "Our goal was to grab those three points and make it an eight point gap entering the Play-Offs. Back in January, if you would have told us we would have a sixteen point lead by now, we would have definitely gone for it. Of course we would also rather have beaten Antwerp and Anderlecht, but all in all eight points is a nice little bonus in the Play-Offs.”


Anderlecht is the last team to join in the Champions Play-off. “It gives us the chance to claim some revenge. Playing Anderlecht is always nice. It's a pity it won't be with fans, that would make it all the more beautiful. The stronger the opponent, the better the games, and the higher we need to lift our level. I don't really care which team makes it or not.”


In two weeks time, Club will be going for that 17th league title. "We won't be having a special preparation. We now have a week to recover both mentally and physically, and as of then we'll be taking on the next upcoming game. We don't know who we'll be playing yet; I don't have any favourites to be starting out against, I'm not yet thinking about that. We will have to up our game, however. We do realise that today wasn't our best game. It's time we went back to that great form, together at training." (KN)

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