Saturday 3 March 2018 23:30

Hans Vanaken: “Deserved win after all our chances”

Creating chances was not exactly the problem, but a lack of efficiency made sure Club had to fight for the three points until the very end.

“We created so many chances, and really should have scored more. Clear open chances even, so we need to boost our efficiency in the next couple of games. It should have been game over at half time today. They put up a block, trying to force things on the break. Club showed that it can still create enough chances to win against a well-organised team. We had a bit of a setback after that opener, which forced us to start all over again. But considering the number of chances we had, this is a very well deserved win. With all due respect, but as Club you always have to beat Kortrijk at home. It was about time we won another game. We played a very dominant game, with some fine football. The only working point was efficiency. Champions with this lead? It's not over and done just yet. If we manage to hold on tou our lead next week, we have a six point margin at the start of the Play-Offs. The other teams will have to win more games than we do. Let's say that I'd rather be in our position than in theirs. But it's not over yet, anything can happen in the Play-Offs.” (KN)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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