Hans Vanaken: “Difficult to play on this field”

Hans Vanaken was dissatisfied about the field after the match.


“We had to play with long balls because the field did not allow us to play differently. That is pity because the two best teams of the moment faced each other today and you want to see a beautiful match then. We did not start well but played better afterwards. We could have won here but 1-1 is a nice result. They absolutely had to win and we didn't. A draw is not bad. We now have to win on Thursday to end a good first season half."

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

The midweek match against Anderlecht did not hinder the Blues according to Vanaken. The team is physically very strong and he clearly stressed that in his reaction. "Thursday's game did not influence us but the field created difficulties for us. However, we played a decent game despite we were not able to play our normal type of soccer. I wasn't more tired than the Ghent players."


Club still got a few chances to score a second time but did not manage to do so. The journalists in the stadium thought Club could have won with an efficient striker. "Whether we need a new striker? I don't think so. Dennis and Diatta were dangerous and Tau was a bit less today but he played strong the past couple of weeks. The coach solved that by substituting him. Percy needs to remain confident, he is still doing a great job." (JDN)

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