Tuesday 7 December 2021 21:15

Hans Vanaken: “Disappointed that we don't progress in Europe”

No more European football after the New Year: that was the "prize" after the 4-1 defeat at PSG. A downcast Hans Vanaken was sad to see the European dream come to pieces.

“We conceded two way too early", Club's number 20 started out. "You know it's going to be tough to come back from that. After that second goal, we found our way into the game a bit more, and managed to retain the ball for longer spells. We even produced some danger, but when you give this calibre of players too much space, they know how to handle it. We are clearly disappointed with this result, as we kicked off this campaign so well with that four out of six. Hopes are that you are through in Europe, but Leipzig proved it just has a really good outfit. After the draw, everyone said we wouldn't be getting any points. We grabbed four, but we're still disappointed that we aren't progressing in Europe. We fought for it until the very last match day, but unfortunately we didn't manage to qualify.” (FDC)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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