Wednesday 7 September 2022 23:45

Hans Vanaken: “Fantastic win”

Club did what it had to do: kicking off the Champions League with a win. "The tight win came through blood, sweat and tears, but those three points are ours, and that's what mattered most", our skipper Hans Vanaken was all beams afterwards.

“A fantastic win is perfect way to put it. We took a really solid start to this new Champions League campaign. I reckon we put in a great first half effort, showing that we clearly know how to handle this level, and in the second half it took a bit more of a survival mode. We had trouble getting out of the pressure, which was also because we could not keep our cool in possession, and were unable to make the most of the space that was there.”

“You could see from their first half performance that Leverkusen is in a rut these days, and that things weren't exactly going the way they wanted to. I even had the feeling they were holding back a bit, allowing us possession, which was in our advantage, obviously. The second half was completely different, especially with our 1-0 lead. They were forced to come, and they gave it everything they got to get at least a draw. Of course it took some luck too, with those two goals cancelled out. Our spring chicken Abakar Sylla put in a massive performance. It's someone who joined the seniors only last season. We saw immediately he's got that special something. He's still very young, but when he can remain level-headed, we are bound to see some good stuff from him.” (FDC)

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