Sunday 22 January 2023 21:00

Hans Vanaken: “Much more agression and bravery in the second half”

Kept at bay by Charlori, Club is still waiting for its first win under new coach Scott Parker. A abysmal first half saw Club trailing 1-2, but a much better second half performance helped Club turn the tide. The sole point did not exactly lift skipper Vanaken's spirits.

“We weren't focused enough in the first half, hardly won any duels, in short: it wasn't good", Club's Limburg legend started out. "Fortunately, our second half was much different. We started out with lots of energy, bringing us back in the game quickly. It also helped that we scored that 1-2 right before we headed for the dressing room. This gave us hope, and confidence, and after we scored that equaliser, I reckon we had enough chances to win it in the end. At half time, we discussed a slight tactical switch, but most of all we were asked to play with more gusto and agression. To keep pinning Charleroi against its own goal, and I reckon we managed to do so well. It's a pity, though, that we didn't score that third goal. We'll be making our way to Waregem next weekend, which won't be an easy game, once again. But it's high time we start collecting the points.” (FDC)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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