Hans Vanaken: “No team is truly invincible”

A clearly disappointed Hans Vanaken had mixed feelings when it came to the 3-1 defeat at Standard.


“Standard away is always rough, but I feel like much more was in it today. For starters, our first half was below par. We had trouble finding our strikers, and were unable to stay in control in the back either. That worked out better in the second half, and at a certain moment the game was on a hinge. Unfortunately for us, that didn't happen, resulting in our first defeat this season. Now's not a good time to start criticizing people. A weak performance is always possible. We knew it was an option after this long undefeated run. No team is truly invincible.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Club Brugge's pivoting player had something to say about his selection for the Red Devils too. "It's now off to the Red Devils again, and that's just bliss for me too. I'm happy for Brandon earning his first cap. He will learn so much of this.” (TM)

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