Sunday 27 February 2022 16:15

Hans Vanaken: “Our team is big enough to replace Charles"

FC Antwerp took the lead but the Blues turned the situation around thanks to a header of Odoi and a penalty kick of Hans Vanaken.

“We made a statement today", started Hans Vanaken. "I think we just had to win today, especially because we faced a direct opponent for play-off 1. We wanted to show that we are ready for the final weeks towards the play-offs and we succeeded in that. I already told a couple of times that we need a bit of time to grow with our new coach and a few new players. The new coach is changing a couple of things. We hope we can keep on performing on this level and maybe even grow further in the next couple of matches."


Club reached a high level despite the absence of Charles De Ketelaere. “Indeed, Charles was unfortunate but we proved we can replace him and it doesn't matter who substitutes him. Adamyan, his substitute, worked very hard and scored. He can keep the ball and it proves everyone needs to be ready to play.  They took the lead but we scored the equalizer rather quickly. Thanks to my penalty goal we even took the lead. We could maintain our level in the second half and we won 4-1 at the end." 

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