Thursday 21 February 2019 22:45

Hans Vanaken: “Pity our great campaign ends on a bad note”

A dispirited Hans Vanaken after the defeat at Salzburg. Blauw-Zwart put in a good performance against both Salzburg and Genk last week, but was unable to keep following that positive road.

“We intended to put in the same performance as we did in last week's second half. We managed to put pressure, as they had trouble playing over the ground. But unfortunately every long ball proved dangerous. We weren't sharp enough in defense to combat that. We did have our share of chances, though. We were really looking forward to this game, and knew how they would be taking on this game, but that's no guarantee for winning, obviously. We had a great run in the Champions League. It's a pity our European adventure ends on such a bad note.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Club's Golden Boot is already looking ahead, with next Sunday's clash at Anderlecht drawing very close. “We had a terrific week last week, but this week is off to a bad start. We can only be bitterly disappointed tonight but as of tomorrow, we will be working hard towards sunday. We need to go for the title 100%. It is not as if it is all bad right now. We should keep in mind what's positive and go for the full loot on Sunday. It's been some time since Club won at Anderlecht, but that's not something playing in our minds. We need to start from our own strength; there's no reason why we should be afraid of any team.” (SF)

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