Sunday 3 October 2021 16:00

Hans Vanaken: “Satisfied with that one point"

Club took one point home after the match at Anderlecht and both teams could live with that. Hans Vanaken almost scored again but Van Crombrugge prevented the 0-2 with a nice save.

“1-1 is not a bad result but we came here to win", said Vanaken afterwards. "But I think we can be happy with one point if you look at the match. We couldn't attack anymore in the second half and didn't find the right players in the right position. That was just not good enough. In contrast, we managed to do that in the first half but 1-1 is a fair result like I already told." 

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Anderlecht created danger in the first half but Club prevented Anderlecht from scoring for quite a long time. "Anderlecht proved to be a good team and they found the space in the back of our defence. We made some changes at halftime but they still managed to keep one point home because we were not sharp enough. At a certain point in time you have to be happy with one point then if you look at the match. Normally you still get at least one possibility to score but that was not the case so we tried to defend that one point." (FDC)

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