Hans Vanaken: “Should have sealed the deal earlier on”

Goal number six for Hans Vanaken, once again upon assist by Krépin Diatta. Mouscron was the one team still keeping Vanaken's scoring prowess at bay, but that's one more stat we can refer to the bin from now on.


“We've had our fair share of tough games here in the past couple of years. Our build-up was a bit too slow in the first half, keeping us from creating danger. Both teams kept their grip on their opponent, and not many chances followed. Fortunately we managed to score that all-important opener just before half-time. They were now forced to open up their game a bit, leaving more space for us. We really should have killed the game earlier on at that point. Even if it's not completely going the way it used to go, you just have to rise to the occasion and fire it in. I proved decisive for the team again. It has been some time since I last scored with my feet, but it doesn't really matter how they go in, really. I also heard about that stat that I hadn't been able to score here up to now, and people told me about it to. But that's a stat we can forget now, it's only a stat too. I reckon we shouldn't downsize our performance. Sure it could have gone better, but in the end it's the three points that mattered the most. Other than that header with five minutes to go, they hardly had anything to say. Which means we were lined up well too. On Tuesday, another top bill awaits. I'm sure our technical staff will be telling us all about the weak spots of the Parisian outfit. But playing stars like that, I'm sure there won't be that many.” (MDK)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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