Hans Vanaken: “VAR could also have interfered when I was brought down”

Starting his interview with a post-game analysis, Hans Vanaken reckoned more was in it for Club today.


“We were on their side of the pitch more in the second half, playing more dominantly and looking for an opening in their organisation through possession. We may have created too few chances to score, but we created a number we could have made the most of. It's not that we were missing a bit of freshness, it was just a matter of that last pass that went missing. That is where we faltered today.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

The game could have turned out completely differently had the VAR reacted when Vanaken was pulled down inside the box. “The VAR interfered in that off side situation, cancelling out our equaliser, but when I was pulled down, he didn't budge. That's a pity. I think it's a good system, and I'm all for it, but you need to make use of it in every single situation.” (JDN)

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