Saturday 18 March 2023 18:30

Hans Vanaken: “We lacked efficiency"

Club could not take the three points home one week after the win against Standard. The Blues lost at Kortrijk by the smallest of margins. Although things could have gone totally different, as Hans Vanaken certainly thought.

"Today we shot ourselves in the foot, because contrary to the game at Ostend, we had plenty of chances. Very big chances even," said the captain of the Blues in a first reaction. "With TJ, Roman and myself, we should actually always score but we just lacked efficiency. What went wrong for me? There is the fine cross pass from Bjorn but the ball went up just when I wanted to shoot. It's not an excuse but the poor condition of the pitch also played a role." And the two-time Golden Boot continued: "At least we played with the necessary grinta, there was 100 per cent commitment but it becomes difficult if you don't score. I am sure we would still have won if we scored the equalizer. However it was not meant to be." (MV)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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