Saturday 4 December 2021 23:45

Hans Vanaken: “We missed too many chances"

Hans Vanaken started on the bench against Seraing. The midfielder got some rest given the busy schedule of Club. He came on the field after one hour.

“We controlled the match and there was a lot of space in the back of their defence. We were dangerous every time we got there. However, we created difficulties for ourselves by conceding two goals. That may not happen. We should have had two or three goals more than them at halftime. We missed too many chances to score more and should have scored a fourth goal more quickly."


Club still have a busy schedule. As a result, Hans Vanaken got some additional rest. “Together with the coach we decided to start on the bench. We play many matches and last year I also played too much. I needed to be careful during the training sessions in order to be 100 percent during the matches. I started to feel it against Genk. I told it to our physiotherapists who told it to the coach. I was then substituted. Given that we still play many matches before the end of the year, we decided to start on the bench. It was a good choice.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

On Tuesday Club play at PSG for the third place in their Champions League group. "It will be a totally different match. We will not go there to defend with ten in our box. That may happen sometimes but preferably not the entire match. We have nothing to win or to lose. Maybe they want to take revenge after the draw here. I expect a sharp PSG but we want to qualify ourselves. You have to believe in it to grab something there. The past couple of weeks we gained some confidence and we will see how things work out.” (KN)

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