Sunday 23 January 2022 16:00

Hans Vanaken: “We were the better team today"

Hans Vanaken was disappointed after the match because the Blues did not decide the match earlier. The Blues played dominantly and had enough chances but could also have lost at the end.

“We played dominantly for ninety minutes and possessed the ball most of the time. We found the openings and had the chances to take the lead before haltfime. We are just disappointed now. We were the better team today and had the possibilities to score more. They almost only created two chances and scored immediately. They scored too easily and we ended the match with ten men. They still got a huge chance to score a third goal although we also got one. Things could have gone in any direction. Based on the entire match, we may be disappointed with one point." 

Club had enough chances to end the match earlier. "It is difficult to say why we don't score more. We often arrived in the box and sometimes took the wrong decision. We had more than enough chances to score five or six goals. We didn't score enough today and conceded too many goals given the few chances they created."

The tension for the places in the top four of the ranking is increasing. "The results of the other teams are not important for us. We have to win our own matches. That is where Club Brugge stands for: winning every single match. It doesn't matter what the other teams do. We just have to win the Championship. That is the only thing that matters." (KN)

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