Hans Vanaken: "Chances enough to win"

A well-deserved draw for Club against Lazio Roma, even if it could just as well have been a win. Heading towards the break, Hans Vanaken clinically finished from the spot to make it 1-1. With four goals, he is now Club's top scorer in the Champions League.


“I reckon we had enough chances tonight, particularly in the second half, to claim the full loot. Despite their sturdy defending, we managed to cut through it at times, and unfortunately Lady Luck was not on our side to score that second goal. At some point, I had to pass the ball to Dennis over the ground and the only thing he had to do is tap it in, but it all goes so quickly which made me take the wrong decision. It can all boil down to a mere centimeter to score or not, and today it was more not than in.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Playing an Italian top team is a hefty mission, and to make matters worse Club conceded the opener. "Which made it even harder obviously. We had trouble putting pressure at first, allowing Lazio to ask some questions a couple of times. They put fine pressure, and managed to score too, but we did not falter. We knew their lead would cause them to pull back even more, so it was just a matter of finding the right opening. Than there was that corner kick leading to the penalty, helping us to a 1-1 at the break. After that we managed to put more pressure, but it was still vital to watch out for that deadly counter. Simon was really only ever called upon once, but it could just as well have been 1-2 at that point, leaving us empty handed, but fortunately that wasn't the case.” (FDC)

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