Sunday 1 May 2022 21:00

Hans Vanaken: "Reasonable score"

An intense game with lots of man-to-man duelling at the Lotto Park ended in a goalless draw.

“A high-paced game with high intensity and lots of midfield play", Hans Vanaken concluded after what definitely was not the best edition of this clash between two titans of Belgian football. “The game saw too little chances. We were in charge of the first quarter of the game, with Noa getting that chance. It could have been a different game if that one would have gone in. It could have gone either way after that opportunity. So I guess a draw is a logical result. It's the details that decide on a team's fate in games like these.”
The second half caused Blue and Black a lot more hassle. “We created too little. It's a pity that Mata shot hit the post. Sometimes you can get lucky, but today was not the case.”
Vanaken also brushed upon Mats Rits' injury. "I have no clue as to what happened, but it didn't look good at half-time. I'm afraid he'll be out for a long time, but the scans will shed some more light on this tomorrow.” (EV)

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