Sunday 16 May 2021 21:15

Hans Vanaken: "We don't have to look at the others"

Hans Vanaken started the game on the bench again, but he came on at half-time. The midfielder scored the winning goal from the spit and handed Club three important points.

"It was our only goal today, to keep the three points home. We've already had our chances, but with Genk only two points behind us after their late goal yesterday, we knew we had to win today. If we want to become the champions, we don't have to look at the other and just start playing good football to bring home the title. If I was more nervous than usual because it took a while before I could take the penalty? Not really. Before I put the ball down, I already decided where I'm going to aim it at. Then it's just the case to hit the ball hard and perfectly."

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

For the second game in a row Vanaken started from the bench, but he's calm about the decision. "Ofcourse I prefer to be between the lines from the start. It's not enjoyable to be on the bench, but I'm happy to have helped the team with the goal. The coach had decided to be less offensive in midfield." (EV)

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