Friday 11 May 2018 14:45

Ivan Leko: “The team capable of going above and beyond the most, will win on Sunday”

A room packed with journalists awaited Ivan Leko the day after the win at Charleroi. The reason? Club can be champions on Sunday. But that's not on Ivan Leko's mind just yet.

Leko on… that winnnig feeling

“With adrenalin rushing through my body, I always have trouble sleeping after a game. This was a crucial win for us mentally, with forward pressure, grinta and Jelle Vossen as one of the match winners. It may not have been the most beautiful, but it was the best performance Club showed in the past weeks. We were all very happy, but fifteen minutes after the game, our focus was on Sunday.”

Leko on… the chances on winning it

A point suffices for Club to claim its 15th league title. "But that's not on our minds. We've been ten points, and more, in front for months, and everyone was talking about the title, but we only talk about the game until there's absolute certainty. It's the first time we could be champions mathematically, but we need to get past Standard first, which might be the toughest away mission at this point.”

Leko on… the short time to get ready for Standard – Club

Only two days separate the away games at Charleroi and at Standard. “Physically that might be tough on both teams, but it's not like we don't already know each other. On Sunday, it will be about grinta, and the willingness to go above and beyond. The team that wants to do that the most, will be grabbing a fine result." It's still early days to see who will be ready for that vital mission. “We'll have to await the last training session to see whether Diaby or Limbombe can play. Vanaken? He's one of the three best players in our outfit this year, but the best can also have a bad moment. I'm expecting them to sign on in big moments, and next Sunday is one of those. I have 14 to 16 players at my disposal capable of playing.”

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