Ivan Leko: “Difference in energy and intensity”

Combine a sub-par Club Brugge with an on fire Standard, and you just know what can happen. Ivan Leko reflected upon Club's first defeat.


“A well deserved win for the hosts, based on the entire game. We may have been a bit more in control in the second half, but over the full ninety minutes, we brought too little. The difference lied in the energey and the intensity. We lost too many duels, in the knowledge that you can only take on Luik at home with lots of agression. We did better in the second half, but still, I'm disappointed. But we shouldn't be too down the dumps either; with 25 out of 30 we have already shown we're having a good run.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

Club's Croatian T1 knows where the shoe pinches. "I know my players very well. This tem has three fantastic skills: physical strength, amking it possible to play at a high pace and a high intensity, collective play and team spirit. Put those three in the mix, and we will very good. But take away one, and we're just an ordinary team. We played a team giving it all today, and weren't up to our usual level ourselves.” (SF)

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