Friday 3 May 2019 15:30

Ivan Leko: “Everything's possible in football”

Having overcome Anderlecht on Play-Off I MD6, Club now makes the trip to KAA Gent. Coach Leko saw an eager Club Brugge at training, and maintains his belief in Blauw-Zwart's championship dreams.


Playing the Cup Final on Wednesday, Gent didn't get as much rest as Club did. "The Cup Final can work two ways. We'll see how it pans out. Still, I'm sure it was quite the blow." Ivan Leko has no doubts about the team's qualities, however. "When it comes to possession, opportunities, shots on goal, Gent has shown it has a strong side so far these Play-Offs. They weren't doing poorly at all. The points they gathered so far are not a good reflection of what they deserved."


Making up for a 6 point gap will be harsh. But Ivan Leko still believes it can be done. "Everything's possible, in the Play-Offs, in football in general. We should only look at ourselves, as we have no influence on how the other games go. We can only determin what will happen against Gent on Sunday." Club's T1 remained level-headed. "We're not counting our chickens yet. But if we drop points on Sunday, we know it's game over. Which doesn't mean it's in our heads and we're afraid of losing points. Our focus remains solely on ourselves."

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