Ivan Leko: “Full focus and concentration from minute One”

Ivan Leko was witness to how his team shook off the debris after last Wednesday's Cup beating at Deinze. Blauw-Zwart put Cercle over a barrel, sending them home 4-0.


“A 4-0 win is a great result. This still is a city derby against a team that proved to be a surprise in the first eight league games. A team with structure and a clear game plan. After our weak performance on Wednesday, it was crucial to regain our usual level of play and win this one. I wanted to see a team again, with lots of stamina. Everything that makes Club strong, was in this game. I saw great focus and concentration from the very first minute, resulting in a well-deserved win. No gallery play, that's right, but at times it was really good.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

It's with confidence that Club will be taking on the preparations for the Atletico Madrid game on Wednesday. “As of tomorrow we'll be focussing on the most beautiful thing in this sport: gearing up for a Champions League encounter. Allowing Mata and Nakamba a half hour's play came with perfect timing. Both players should be regulars in our selection. With their quality, physical presence and mentality, they bring something extra to the table. We need that extra competition and quality, and they bring it. A start on Wednesday? We'll see then. In any event, we will be lining up the best eleven. We are definitely outsiders for the win tomorrow, but a game always needs to be played. Everyone expects a 3-0 or 4-0, but we have ambition, and dream of a fine result.” (SF)

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