Saturday 3 March 2018 23:00

Ivan Leko: “Great synergy between fans and players”

Club Brugge had to put in the work to claim the three points. Ivan Leko was first row witness to see how his team created a buckload of chances. With ten minutes to go, Limbombe made sure the victory went Club's way.

“We were dominant today, started out fine, resulting in a couple of fine chances. Against an in-form Kortrijk, teeming with confidence, playing a well-organised game. I'm happy with what I saw. The great synergy between fans and players helped my team to go the extra mile. There was lots of movement, and some great automatism, helping us to a lot of chances. When it comes to efficiency and killer instinct, however, we could have done better. We should have killed the game much earlier on. It's just not realistic firing at goal twenty times to score the one goal. That needs to improve. It's only logical that our opponentes also get the odd chance, but even then we also have to be more focused. That last-gasp tackle could just as well have been awarded a spot kick. As a player of Club Brugge, you need to embody that bit of killer instinct, so that's something that's on my mind right now. We won't be able to afford missing that many chances in the Play-Offs.” (SF)

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

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