Ivan Leko: “Lacked killer instinct once again”

Another fine performance by Ivan Leko's troops, but just like last week, Club lacked that bit of efficiency. For the second game running, Club conceded a defeat by the narrowest of margins.


“Based on the number of opportunities created, Anderlecht deserved the win more", Leko started out. “We wanted to bring good football a bit too much, and again didn't bring enough killer instinct to the table. Not a bad game on our part, but we weren't good enough up front. The hosts proved more focused and more clever. Play-Off 1 is not about bringing the most beautiful football, but about the will to win. In three games, we only scored once from the spot, and that just isn't enough. A painful defeat for us indeed. We came here for the win, not to claim the most possession or get a pat on the back for the way we played. We wanted to hurt Anderlecht, but that didn't work out so we are disappointed now.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

Ten minutes before the final whistle, Diaby's goal seemed to bring Club a much-wanted point, but the videoref cancelled it out due to off side. “If it's off side, it's off side. It doesn't matter if it's a centimeter or three meters. It's sad on us, but I've always backed the VAR. When Vanaken was brought down we might also have merited a penalty, but if it's a fair decision, we have to just take it and move on.” (SF)

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