Sunday 12 May 2019 21:00

Ivan Leko: “Liverpool and Tottenham as examples that miracles do happen”

At half time, the numbers and figures said that at that point Genk were the new champions, but Ivan Leko's pep talk at half time turned the game upside down. Club's T1 was very proud of what his team had brought to the pitch.

“This was a very interesting encounter between the two best teams in Belgium. Not the game we like playing the most, as we prefer playing football a bit more. But when you allow Genk time and place, they destroy you. The same goes for my team, so there was a lot of pressure from both sides. We were stronger in duels, but in the last stretch of the pitch it boils down to finess, and you need to be able to count on the artists. That didn't work out in the first half, but after the break we had a fine reaction. We showed flaire and panache, and managed to tuck three in. And when that penalty goes in, it would have been signed sealed delivered. By the end, Samatta had an excellent chance to head in the equaliser, but this time around luck was on our side.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

The win takes Club Brugge back to three points to Genk, but Club's coach remains realistic. "Genk has everything in its own hands. They've been playing at a high level for ten months now, and they have a strong outfit. But today we made sure the league's not over and done yet. We claimed 7 out of 12 against Genk this season, so that's a big thumbs up to my team. On Thursday, and hopefully also on Sunday, more excitement will follow. We should keep believing. Just look at Liverpool and Tottenham. They showed that miracles do happen, and so we will keep maintaining our belief.” (SF)

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