Sunday 5 May 2019 20:45

Ivan Leko: “Not over just yet”

Ivan Leko was a front row witness to the 0-1 win at AA Gent. A crucial encounter with KRC Genk now awaits on Sunday.

“An interesting game, with two teams putting lots of pressure at the start of the game. After their Cup Final defeat, the crowd demanded a reaction, while we have been trailing Genk the entire PO's, forcing us to go for that win every single time. We were again too soft in the first thirty minutes. We put too little pressure, but then we scored and often proved dangerous on the wings without making the most of it. In the second half, we didn't score that second goal, so we had to fight until the ultimate minute. A couple of players had a bit of bad day, but six to seven players were really top. We're happy with this win, but we have to admit that Gent deserved more than just the 1 out of 21.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

Another big role for the VAR in Gent-Club, denying a couple of goals. “There's plenty to say about the VAR's decisions today. I have been and will always be a proponent of the VAR system, but it can't be that the VAR takes up centre stage every single time. In my opinion, the VAR is here to help with fair-play, so I reckon it's sad that all we talk about afterwards is the VAR.”


The win keeps the gap with leaders KRC Genk at six points. Next up is a do-or-die game with the league contenders. "An absolute title game. The situation is simple: if we don't win, it's over and done. But if we do win, anything's possible. We have shown before that we are ready for the big games. Genk has been having a great spell too, but at home in Bruges, with our qualities, our grinta, and backed by 30,000 people, everything is possible. Genk are favourites, but it's still not over and done yet. My team will be ready to play a high-intensity game. I'm really curious.” (SF)

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