Ivan Leko: “Standard are always favourite at home”

“The first game after a Champions League match is always an important one." Ivan Leko realizes it is going to be a tough weekend in Luik and has a lot of respect for the Rouches.

Leko about… injuries and caps

Good news: Club has two new A-internationals, Brandon Mechele and Arnaut Danjuma. "I am not surprised by the selection of Brandon. I see him every day on training. Last season he was already one of the best defenders in Belgium and he was also good during our last three games. He deserves this." Kaveh Rezaei is not part of the team selection yet. "His knee is still hurting which is pity for us. All other players should be fit on Sunday and the best ones will play."


Leko about… Standard

The Rouches had a tough season start but won at Ostend last week and this week in the Europe League. "Standard are always favourite at home. We know what they are up to. We need to be ready, both mentally and physically, for a tough game. Matches like the one on Sunday are very important ones. Michel is one of the best coaches in Belgium of the last 10 years. Every coach needs time to build something but he will certainly achieve results in Luik."


Leko about… the end of a busy period

Club played many games in a short period of time the past couple of weeks. Leko will not adapt his team for the last game of this busy period. "The best players have to play and that are the ones who are 100% ready for the match, both mentally and physically. We need to play at our best level, train sharp and maintain our focus to achieve results. The game at Madrid learned us that we are a good team but that all details need to be with us to perform on the level of Atlético. That is a lesson to take with us in order to grow."

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