Ivan Leko: “You have to be top the entire game in order to win”

Ivan Leko talked about the injury of Kenneth Vermeer, winning at Anderlecht and the pressure in the Play-Offs on a crowded press conference.

Leko about... the goalkeeper

Kenneth Vermeer got injured at Ghent last week which is a hard slap for the Blues. "It is especially pity for Kenneth. He is a top guy, everyone likes him. He obtained a high level and will be missed but we still have other goalkeepers with qualities. It is a chance for Gabulov or Horvath to prove their qualities. Both of them have talent but it will be a game between two teams on Sunday, not between two goalkeepers. We will not panic and have no stress for Sunday's game."

Leko about... the will to win in Brussels.

Club could not win any of their last 27 games in Anderlecht. Consequently, Leko would like to win. "Writing history is fun for five minutes and is good for your ego but we are working towards a bigger goal: the title. We are already training hard the whole week in order to show the best Club Brugge on Sunday. Anderlecht are always the favourite in Brussels but we want to prove 95 minutes long that we are better than them."


Leko about... pressure.

According to Ivan Leko both teams face the same pressure. "We are a top team and need to improve every single day. Therefore, we feel the pressure every training. We already top the ranking the entire season and are six points ahead for the moment. Maintaining that creates a certain level of stress. But Anderlecht and Ghent also feel that pressure. Both of them are also title candidates.”

Leko about... the injuries

Benoît Poulain has been training with the group and is ready to play. It is not clear yet whether that will also be the case. Guillaume Hubert will not play anymore this season due to an injury.