Jelle Vossen: “Solid start, but still some working points”

Club's two up front proved quite the pair against Eupen. Wesley netted two, while Jelle Vossen added three to his already impressive goal scoring stats.


“Claiming three points and scoring three: that's the perfect start, and helps us gear up for the weeks to come. But we should be critical too. We shouldn't allow them to get back in to the game with that 3-0 after thirty minutes. We still need to do better in that respect. We can be happy, but there's still a lot we need to work on. The game was all played after half an hour, so you should remain focused and try to even further widen the gap. We didn't do that, we should be honest about that. So not the perfect game, even if we scored five. It's still very early days, though, and we had a very tough period of preparing for the season. Those tropical temperatures also wreak havoc. We'll be reaping the benefits of all that hard work in the coming weeks, and regain our freshness. It's good to have those points in the meantime.”

Jelle Vossen
Jelle Vossen

The three goals helped the forward to an excellent start to the league. "Things are working out well for me right now. I've had a good preparation and feel in excellent shape. I'm happy to be starting the season in this manner. My mission is the same: help the team whenever I get the opportunity. That worked out well today. Let's hope I can follow up on that. The tradition here is that you can take the match ball home when you score three. I think this is my fourth or fifth. A good memory, but it's not like I put them on my mantle piece or anything.”


The Summer window soldiers on. "Four weeks of waiting to see what's happening, both on the IN as on the OUT side. The players should keep that out of their heads, really, it's beyond their control: the board decides about that. We should focus on ourselves and play with those at the club. That's where Wesley shines now. He's got so much on his mind, but he's still playing brilliantly, an excellent mentality. He's quite the player. He throws his body in the line, can be played with his back to the goal, and frees up space to allow me to drift. A different type of player than, say, Diaby. He's one of the strongest forwards I ever played with. Benteke also had that pure power. It makes for great playing. He's going into duels, while I'm a different type of player. I hope he can stay here and show us some more fine stuff.” (KN)

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