Jordy Clasie: “This is very hard“

An owngoal of Jordy Clasie at the end resulted in a 1-1 draw. The Dutch midfielder was very disappointed after the game.


“We took the lead one quarter before the end and created most chances during the game. We deserved the victory and should have scored a second goal but we were a bit unlucky. I wanted to block the shot of Demir in extra time to protect our goalkeeper but I touched the ball completely wrong. Afterwards I heard that the ball would not go in target but I did not know that of course. This is very hard and it is sad for myself, my teammates and for everyone who has a heart for the Blues. We lose two points today. It is especially hard because you know that our competitors also lose points. You win with the whole team and you lose with the whole team but today we lose two points because of me.” (VM)

Jordy Clasie droop ontgoocheld af
Jordy Clasie droop ontgoocheld af

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