Saturday 29 October 2022 23:45

Kamal Sowah: “We fought like a team"

Kamal Sowah played again after he was suspended against Porto. The Ghanaian midfielder played again a strong match and contributed in this way to the victory against KV Ostend. Sowah is feeling better and better in Club's starting eleven.

“I am feeling perfect. I think we played a good match. We responded well after their second goal. We fought like a team and keep the three points home. I knew it would be a tough match but we just had to stay focused. We kept on fighting to score. I really wanted to take a penalty in the second half but Casper had the ball and he took the penalty. I will get my chance to take a penalty in the future. This result will give us a boost for the next match in Leverkusen. It will be important as a team to show what we can do. We have to go for it and prove we deserve our place in the Champions League." (KN)

Kamal Sowah
Kamal Sowah

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