Krépin Diatta: “From where I saw it, it was a spot kick”

Lined up on the right wing, Krépin Diatta brought pain to Galatasaray with his speed and agility, but was unable to score.


“We should be proud about what we've shown today. The only team worthy of the win was ours. As to my performance, I'm playing a bit deeper than last season, but I'm always trying to give it my all to try and force things. Unfortunately that wasn't enough tonight. It's not the number of opportunities that matter in football, but the goals, and that was the only thing missing today. Particularly in the first half, I thought we were clearly the better team, with a numbe rof fine chances to score at least once, but that didn't work out. A pity really, but it's the only explanation I have for this draw.”

Krépin Diatta
Krépin Diatta

With just a few minutes to play, Club's claims for a penalty kick were in vain, after the ball chipped off a Galatasaray defender's arm inside the penalty box. "From where I was standing, it was definitely a penalty kick. I reckon he deflected the pass with a short movement of the arm, and he was inside the box. So without a doubt a spot kick. But well, we've got our first point, and we'll be shifting our focus towards another interesting game on Sunday, the one against rivals Anderlecht. It'll take an above par Club once again to win, but rest assured that we'll do whatever we can.” (FDC)

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