Sunday 16 August 2020 19:00

Krépin Diatta: “Fine team performance"

Three of Club's four goals were scored by Senegalese players, with Krépin Diatta scoring a brace after Badji's opener.

“I hope this 0-4 away wins helps in flushing away all the negativity surrounding us after those two recent defeats. Let's just say that this has been a vital win for us. I thought we started out well, and after Badji's low shot put us in front, we were in control of the game. Despite the very dire weather conditions, we managed to keep Eupen away from our goal. After the break, we tried grabbing Eupen by the throat, and managed to do so right away. This resulted in a number of fine attacking moves, despite the fact that it was raining cats and dogs.”

Krépin Diatta
Krépin Diatta

With half an hour on the clock, Krépin Diatta saw his moment arrrive. Cutting on from the right, his hard shot doubled Club's lead. “A neat goal indeed, but I'm quite happy with my second too. Siebe put it deep with impeccable timing, and a dribble or two later scoring that 0-3 proved a breeze. We showed the right mentality here today, which helped us well underway. It's nice to see three Senegalese goals, but what matters most is the great team performance in our first away game, ending in a broad 0-4 win." (FDC)  

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