Krépin Diatta: ”Need more efficiency in front of goal”

With his winner, and the action just before Club's opener, Krépin Diatta was decisive for Club. The first went off the post and goalkeeper Van Crombrugge in goal to draw level, and with twenty minutes on the clock, the Senegalese slammed in Club's second to seal the deal.


“I'm getting back to my best form. I score, and I help the team towards the three points. With our qualities we should play an attacking game with lots of pressure. That's how we created a plethora of chances. We just had this Champions League mission, but this was a level a bit ower. The coach indicated that we needed to bring the same rhythm to this game as the one we had on Wednesday in order to really make it hard on our opponents. A broad win is what we should have had today, but just like against Galatasaray we didn't make the most of our chances. We're only just in the season, but we now need to continue working on scoring goals. We create chances in every single game, but the goals don't follow. We're not worried about the lack of goals. To the contrary, it motivates us to keep working harder and to improve. The chances are there, we just need to start scoring. Their goalie had some really fine saves in store, that's also a part of today's story. But we just need to remain a bit more calm and add some efficiency in front of goal.” (KN)

Krépin Diatta
Krépin Diatta

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